Bring fans closer to their favorite personalities.

A few words about MYM.

MYM is the social network that brings personalities from the worlds of music, fashion, TV, sport, coaching and video games closer to their fans, and lets them share exclusive, personalized content.

We believe fans deserve more recognition and should be offered access to authentic content. We designed MYM as a way of bringing personalities and creators closer to their fans and giving them the chance to build their communities in a way that suits them – by keeping control over their content and giving true value to their work in a spirit of fairness. 

By subscribing to their favorite personalities, fans get access to their private feed and can contact them directly to request personalized content.
They might prefer stories, photos, videos or live streaming, but whatever they choose, creators are free to share their content whenever they like, at the price that suits them.

And because we know that fans and creators want to give meaning to what they do, we offer them the option of donating a portion of their revenues to the associations of their choice.