Be best in class in terms of responsible content.

Role of the committee.

By putting together an ethics charter, MYM is a trailblazer in the world of social media. The company is determined to build an industry of responsible online platforms – platforms that are already a step ahead of the French and European legal and regulatory obligations applicable to our industry. 

In the current context, where certain worrying practices (cyber bullying, cyber security, cyber pornography, cyber prostitution, cyber proselytizing) have become increasingly commonplace with the emergence of online platforms, MYM is committed to defining and developing an ethical core purpose, which is set to become a new strategic priority for the social network.

Through this initiative, MYM hopes to act as a wake-up call for all the major social media sites, prompting a collective drive to build a responsible, ethical industry

The ethics committee comprises 6 members selected by the founders for their qualities and technical expertise in subjects directly related to the issues and problems facing a social network which strives to be modern and ethical. Those issues include cyber security, the platform economy, women’s rights, digital rights and entrepreneurship.

Me Géraldine SalordLawyer, private law
Thierry BerthierCyber security expert. Hub France IA
Danielle BousquetChair of the CIDFF, the federation of information centers on the rights of women and families, Vice-Chair of the High Council for gender equality. Former MP.
Odile ChagnyEconomist (IRES)
Daniel DopplerAI, Big data Entrepreneur
Shadow memberEntrepreneur, International VP of a social network with over 300M users